Saturday, March 19, 2011

Far Cry 2 sucks, thank god it was part of a Steam deal.

So after wrapping up Assassin's Creed 1 last night (vary good ending), since it was part of a Steam promotion, I got 4 other games with it, Call of Juarez, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Far Cry 2, and Assassin's Creed for 7 or 17 dollars, I forgot. Point is that normally Assassin's Creed itself retails for 15 to 20 dollars. So why not spring for the entire thing right? Well the only good part of the deal was Assassin's Creed. I have not even installed Rainbow Six or Juarez, but just finished playing a bit of Far Cry 2.

In the game your a guy (you select which guy) who is hunting a arms dealer selling to both sides in a conflict. Also you have malaria, and though some events, your having to play off both sides, doing missions, just to have a chance to assassinate the arms dealer.

After playing it, I feel like I have malaria in real life. Outside the shooting, which is standard, driving, opening doors, talking to people is makes me feel sick. The Missions are meh and the NPCs are buggy. In addition, I spent 30 minutes looking for a door that the game made so dark, I thought it was just a wall.

But for 2 minutes something awesome happened, I was driving and I was ambushed. I actually enjoyed the realistic point of this initially. When moving, at any time, in a war-zone, you might get ambushed and owned. But then something happened.

At the next area with minimal building I was ambushed again
And again
And again.

Way to kill a good concept. Now each time I see buildings, I am anticipating a ambush and it takes all the fun out of getting out, surveying the surroundings for enemies.

I might come back to it some day, but for now, I'd rather just wait for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood to come out then play this game again.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Venting on a game thats roughly 8 years old

Does anyone remember the first Fable for the Xbox? When I got it I was psyched. But 13 hours later, well the story was over and there was no reason to continue. This game, out of all games earned my ire. I mean, when the game got to about the 10 hour point I was praying for another 10+ hours on it. And then
It stopped.
You kill the main baddie and you can ether kill your sister to get a sword or let her live and not get a epic sword. But the decision means nothing. Why? Well regardless if you have the sword or not, there is no reason to continue on. I mean, its trying to force a moral decision without any major story consequences. I mean if there IS a bigger baddie out there, and Im playing a good character, I might have killed her to get the sword? Yeah if it protected man kind in the long run. But the moral consequences only affect the world on a micro level if I remember correctly, well that and how your character looks.

Exploting Assassin's Creed II's own mechanics

Well I found a way to hurt civilians on the game yesterday by doing 2 things
1. Poisoning a guard
2. throwing money on the ground to attract civilians
what ends up happening is pretty funny, here you go you crazy kids while I keep waiting for Brotherhood

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well I went ahead and sprung for it

I prepaid steam the money to get AC:BH and to get the digital deluxe edition for free. I finished ACII last night and can safely say, outside my previous grievances, it was a good game. Good enough to justify getting the sequel. In addition I finally get to play around in multiplayer mode. Knowing my luck, I'll be the standing target.

EDIT: I want to also add that I am going to see about posting some of my assassinations from ACII on a youtube account I have later.  Primarily the Assassination side missions. And we will let you decide how much I suck!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Damn you Assasin's creed 2....

So it's spring break and I have copulious amounts of Homework, 2 chapters of trig, a essay in US history, preparing for a test in psychology. But 2 weeks ago, Steam offered a Ubi soft buy 4 get at 7 dollars (or was it 17?). So I buy it only because Assassin's Creed is on there and have not looked back since. And the game is Logitic dual shock controller compatible thank god! The game was so good that I went ahead and bought (and started playing) Assassin's Creed 2 and want to get AC:BH asap.

However AC and to a lesser extent; AC 2 has some issues for me
The controls in AC feel a bit counter-intuitive, and it REALLY shows up in AC 2 when, during the Assassin's crypt missions, the awkward control scheme made what should have been a 2 miniature Agility fest into a 30 minute rage fest at TRYING TO GET ENZIO TO RUN UP A WALL AND JUMP A PARTICULAR DIRECTION. As a combat game, I love it, but it's plat former aspect has some serious issues. Chasing someone across the rooftops? Pray you don't go near any pigeons, cause you will AUTOMATICALLY JUMP INTO THE NEAREST CART OF HAY.

Game has some great things though, the story is keeping me interested, and this alternate history stuff actually makes me think about the correlation to it in real life.  It's Battle mechanics are designed that the better reaction time/strategist you are, the longer you can hold out (and the faster you kill). A good example is by locating myself near a area of water or the ledge of a roof, as long as I take care not to jump off, enemies usually fall to their deaths due to the dodging ability, and if that dose not work, a well timed counter usually finishes them off.

In addition, Enzio's story is far more engaging then Altiar's. I feel that, as Enzio grows, I grow. This coincides with the "bleeding effect" where are Desmond goes deeper into Enzio's memories, Enzio's growth becomes his growth, and since the idea is that Desmond is getting roughly 10-20 years of training in the span of 2 days using the bleeding effect, really says how well the writers worked on the story and how well it came out.

Lastly, Don't make this game hard Ubi, but don't make it overly frustrating. PLEASE improve the free running and platforming aspects of it for ACIII. When I ether get the money or the price drops on steam for AC BH, Ill buy it simply to wrap up Enzio's story. Until then, I still need to finish my homework before I continue with ACII