Thursday, March 17, 2011

Venting on a game thats roughly 8 years old

Does anyone remember the first Fable for the Xbox? When I got it I was psyched. But 13 hours later, well the story was over and there was no reason to continue. This game, out of all games earned my ire. I mean, when the game got to about the 10 hour point I was praying for another 10+ hours on it. And then
It stopped.
You kill the main baddie and you can ether kill your sister to get a sword or let her live and not get a epic sword. But the decision means nothing. Why? Well regardless if you have the sword or not, there is no reason to continue on. I mean, its trying to force a moral decision without any major story consequences. I mean if there IS a bigger baddie out there, and Im playing a good character, I might have killed her to get the sword? Yeah if it protected man kind in the long run. But the moral consequences only affect the world on a micro level if I remember correctly, well that and how your character looks.


  1. I tried that game for 15 minutes. Meh. My vid card was bad then and kept crashing. Maybe, I should download it again.

  2. Didnt ever play Fable, but I know my buddy said it didn't live up to the hype.

  3. I mean its worth a play if you can get it at a really low cost or free, but you start to notice those choices that are supposed to affect things in the long term are not as great as it's hyped up to be.